Our Vision

It was important to find a memorable name. The ‘meeting’ of a ‘Gentle’ educated and refined lady with the saucy, outgoing personality of the ‘Wench’ encapsulates the dual character of the store.

Our vision with GENTLEWENCH, is to create a world that flatters both refined, quiet tastes and a fashion lover’s sense of joy and surprise.

We want to combine purist, subtle design alongside exuberant flair and explore the affinities between the two.

The Idea

The idea of the store grew out of a series of conversations between the two industry fanatics.

The owner, Wei Yue brings his expertise and knowledge of personal shopping to the retail world. In 2015, he launched a personal styling service that engages with an international audience.

The buying director at GENTLEWENCH, Tijana Djordjevic, is an expert having worked at several prestige retailers across London.

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48A George Street


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