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Peet Dullaert Fluid Crushed Saga Jacket features zen-frills, slick voluminous sleeves and white hand painted horn buckle with 24K gold plated inside.

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Super YAYA Yellow Fofi Trousers


Super YAYA is an autobiographical project which explores the liaison between Lebanon and West Africa essentially through textiles and clothing. Rym Beydoun is a 4th generation Lebanese from Senegal / Cote d’Ivoire. She graduated from Central Saint Martins Womenswear in 2013 and founded the brand in 2016.

What stands out from Super YAYA is her combination of playfulness and skilful use of traditional fabrics whilst adding a modern spin with colour and ruching techniques into the most unexpected garments.


A running shoe developed by the brand's founder Alvaro Z. Gallegos, the Z-Coil features a visible coil at the heel that acts like a shock absorbing spring. Alvaro who is now 80 years old has been running in Z-Coils for over 33 years still with a spring in his step.

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